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Greetings fans

I don't post in news very often because it's my understanding that people who still are here on this site don't use it's functions very often or check them either unless linked directly to posts.
So here's some news.

I recently updated the description of the comic so if you're interested feel free to check that out. This was due to it being in very poor quality with multiple spelling and grammar errors which I found to be quite embarrassing. Unfortunately this was quite common when I was younger and initially made this comic even though this comic is essentially a rip off of my first successful comic: "Pink or Not."
Which was and still is perhaps my greatest creation even though it had horrible effects and poorly done expressions weak dialogue and inexperience to go with it. At the very least I remembered to put fullstops or "periods" to end a sentence.

As to why I'm suddenly partially active, I've finally found some free time, or more inspiration to convince myself to continue with my production of comic strips.

If I can find time I'll attempt to create or start on a new update to EnAmy tomorrow and if not I'll try to create one during the next week because if possible I'd like to continue to be active.

If you're wondering why I've become inactive it was a mixture of being in a relatively committed relationship which required large spans of attention as well as a mixture of work and education which made everything quite difficult to find the inspiration to work on a comic which although I usually enjoy I couldn't find inspiration to make me want to work on the comic. Because in the end, creating these comics is more for myself than anyone else. Because I enjoy making it.
But with that comment, don't take it too much to heart, I also find the very idea that people somewhere out there even if you're half way across the globe I find the very idea that we're able to communicate over 1000s of kilometers in short instances and are able to share a common interest in both sprites, art, comics and perhaps even the Sonic franchise. Because, it's usually the big fans of Sonic who tend to hang around here. It's you people who convince me not to give up and delete these comics which would otherwise never truly be created and would stay hidden in my mind for eternity.

Sorry if I wrote a bit too much.

Feel free to leave feedback/comment here.
(I do love reading feedback c; love it even if it is negative, makes me feel special to some degree XD )

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